Hi, I’m Reverend Jane Newall, the Pastor of Federated Church of Christ in Brooklyn, Connecticut, and I would like to welcome you to ‘See Jane Preach’.
The impetus for this video came from watching a home improvement channel by Leah called ‘See Jane Drill’. Leah, you are awesome and I love your videos. They certainly help me with home improvement projects and one of the beautiful things about watching those videos is Leah teaches in such a way that you do feel like you can do it at the end of the video. She talks about being a home improvement channel where newcomers are welcome.
It got me to thinking, sometimes when we do things at church we forget to welcome newcomers in a way that introduces them to Christianity and to what we’re doing in worship.  We, as practicing Christians who have been coming to church for a while, think, “Oh. Everybody knows this. Everybody knows why we do this. Everybody knows what we’re doing.” It really doesn’t help people to come into faith and to ask questions and to be engaged. It’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what’s going on.
I’m hoping, in this series of videos, to introduce you to some of the aspects of the Christian tradition to see how it might apply to your life and to enhance your experience and your discovery or rediscovery of the divine. So, join us on this series. Blessings to you.